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    To bring Kate to your school or town for a performance, workshop, lecture, or all of the above, please send an email to the following address. PLEASE do not use this email for personal correspondence. It will not be answered. This address is only for booking touring engagements: katebornstein at earthlink dot net. Twitter is still the best way to reach Kate for any personal reason.

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    Kate, what a beautiful eulogy. You were very lucky to have each other. So sorry for your loss. fimg x


    Kate. So eloquently put. I'm crying just reading this. Thinking a lot about you still. You are in my heart.


    Beautiful. Be strong- I'll be thinking of you, like all your friends are.

    Jayna Pavlin

    that was so very moving, made me both smile and cry.


    first off, I am terribly sorry for your loss, Kate.

    what a beautiful eulogy you wrote! thank you for sharing it with us. the story of him defending you brought tears to my eyes. I miss him, and I didn't even know him. love to you!

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