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    March 26, 2012


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    maybe it fits in more with the body parts etc bit... but something i think of as physicality? I'm thinking things like dance and sport and how people move and the power, intent and form of their movements. people don't work out just to look a certain way, they do it so they move with a certain potential to their movements. dance, row, lift weights, play soccer, it is going to change you in ways that link to gender and sexuality. it changes how you inhabit your body and the world. idk, maybe you cover this in the original, i've yet to read it alas.

    Cx Tiara Transience

    My cultural, racial, and religious background & heritage, as well as how this is perceived by others, plays a HUGE part into defining my sexuality (And my ability to express it).

    Cyn McCollum

    Born female. 53 yo. Tomboy, I'm one of the guys, always end up hanging out with them. Women hate me for that. Men curse me when I break their fingers for touching me without permission. I look femme but I'm not. I love the female body and fashion to some degree. I have a daughter. I love minds, I love bodies, I love sex. I married 2 men, huge mistake. I've loved 2 women and huge mistake not marrying the second. I defy labeling. You will never find the right one to stick on this box the world keeps insisting I fit into. The only one I need is Cyn.


    19 year old female-bodied gender-confused. I am very attracted to men, I like feminine men, masculine men, etc. I do have types that appeal to me more, I like pretty boys, and I like the mature older man type too. I don't feel repulsed at the thought of being with a woman, and it is something I am curious about, but I don't actively fantasize about it unless it's part of a menage. I like kink and role-play, and having fun with sex, so I would desire a partner who knows how to shake things up a bit or I would get extremely bored. I've had problems with boredom in the bedroom before... Although I am gender-confused and experience dysphoria, I love my vagina because everything in this culture has told me to hate it. No matter what happens with me gender-wise, my vagina will be a part of me. I also am trying my best to overcome Catholic ideals being shoved down my throat when I was younger when it comes to sexuality, but I am having a very, very hard time doing that. I want a partner who adores, loves, and accepts me and who I can feel those things for them, too. I want my partner to be my best friend.

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