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    February 03, 2012


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    As a mostly closeted bisexual man attracted to the gender binary, my conservative Mennonite childhood told me God was a He and anything but heterosexuality was a sin. In high school and university, I learned that not all Mennonites were so judgmental. In the end, I'm still a faithful Mennonite who thinks of the Trinity as He, She, Neuter. I believe we are created in God's image, and since that includes all genders and sexes, everyone can refer to God using which label they prefer. #MNGW

    Kate Bornstein

    Jake, you filled my heart with that comment. Thank you, and bless you. xo Auntie K


    As a mostly straight woman/female, the thing I struggled with in my Protestant upbringing was the church's apparent loathing of women, and their ongoing conflict over homosexuality. I'm female and a lot of my friends are gay. It makes me feel like I'm not welcome in their churches, but I was taught that Jesus loves all of us, regardless of gender and sexuality (thanks Mum!)#MNGW


    I came out as a transman in seminary. I though they would throw me out, but they named me and blessed me and taught me that Love holds me in all my beautiful genderfulness.


    Hi Auntie Kate, you're a bright light and a beautiful presence. I'm a seminary student and my gender is pretty non-exciting. I'm a heterosexual woman. But I identify with your struggle in feeling like a "real woman", because I'm not what our society tells me to be. I'm not tall, not thin, I don't have huge round boobs, a tiny waist, perfect skin, and pouty lips... In the eyes of most men, I'm invisible. So am I even a real woman? Or just something ugly and outside? Luckily, I believe that God loves me even when the world doesn't.


    I am a female feminist genderqueer and I was raised a strict Roman Catholic. As a girl, the Virgin Mary was the ideal woman I was to emulate. For years I tried to be society's and Catholicism's perfect woman so hard it nearly killed me when I developed anorexia nervosa. I've found my place within third-wave feminism and that is my religion, I suppose. I identify as genderqueer because the gender binary just feels so oppressive to me and feminism has been so liberating for me in that they don't say things like "women are naturally x" because I'm not usually what biologists and geneticists claim is "natural" for my assigned sex. But screw them and their patriarchal gender binary. I'm Kimi and I deserve the freedom to choose everything about my life.

    anonym 21 1/2

    i dont think i am not a female feminist and i was raised with no religion. But i think women should have equal right to men


    I am a female and I live with and am married to a nonsurgical transgender MTF. Religion has tore my family apart, My children and family do not speak to me because of my partner. I hate organized religion


    i'm male on the outside, female, male, other, on the inside, and living closeted. i've dealt with this all my life and Christianity didn't help a bit. i'm a yogi now, and yoga helps a little because our souls are supposed to be genderless. But yoga and hinduism certainly differentiated women from men historically. i worship the divine with a female name to offset the masculine bias about the divine i was raised with. After reading the second "outlaws" I had a dream where i beat up the bullies who used to torture me in school. Not nonviolent, but better than autoviolent. Yoga as a whole has helped me to explore and play with gender within myself and know that next time around I can be a woman if i like.


    um, i just discovered the word transgender on spring break over a month a go. i thought i was just a pervert. i grew up thinking that i was only one. my faith is Baptist and i found out what i was doing, thinking i was a boy and imagining kissing girls, was wrong. i was about ten when that happened 1st time. i told my best friend, a girl, i wanted to grow up to be a man. i saw her a few years ago, she asked if I'm gay while i was on the job. :( i told her no, i am just waiting for the man God made for me. now i realize i've been doing all sorts of transmale things, binding, standing in front of a toilet wishing myself to somehow urinate out my clit as a penis, praying i would wake up a boy, asking my grandma to buy me mens shirts, etc...all the way back t pre-puberty. now i am bring to deal with this realization i am a man, just stuck on inside, i bind daily and wear only menswear and briefs, at home a prosthetic penis and worn it in public twice, and am having issues dealing with my religion. it feels strange to be in church. I'm scared what may happen, what if i get dysphoria so strong i start on T and they notice! i always believed the Bible 100%, but could they have interpreted it wrong? if not, am i ultra-sinning now that i have come out to 3 people? i can't bear to wear female stuff ever again! can i never get married to a man, now i realize i really do like women? where the church teachings had mostly comforted me, this moral issue is really a struggle for me, i want to do right, what is it? i want to be a good example, and feel shame. i also want to become more and more male, is that a sin? I'm still not out, but I'm heading for university in 2 months and will have a female roomy. what kind of person will i become? i wish i knew me. i just know i would like to be able to be just David.


    Kathy/David, there are other denominations besides Baptist. Keep looking until you find a church that accepts you just the way you are.

    Other people are walking this path too:

    darwin smith

    I guess this info is totally unique.

    how to find mr. right

    I found out in the Holy book that there are two human creatures made - a boy and a girl. No more in between. So, I firmly believe that God will not allow lesbian and gays because the scripture says will not lie or are not subject for alteration.

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