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    January 22, 2012


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    I was a girl, who grew up into a man. At 13yrs old, my girl days became numbered and I entered puberty. 9 years with estrogen abundance, a few more with testosterone abundance. At 25yrs old, I'm a young man.

    AnA Cronism

    Love yer work.... but, unfortunately, by making twitter the favoured response method you discourage a huge cross section of replies (particularly those of a lower socio-demographic, or older less tech minded).

    keep up the good work....will follow with interest (but not twitter).

    Enoch Root

    People get confused about gender. Consider the 'mid-life crisis,' an effect of the atomic family syndrome. No older people around, so you don't know how to be old. Your hormonal changes are upon you, but you have no idea how to deal. You were a Virile Young Man, now you're a Middle-Aged Man Who Is Increasingly Pear-Shaped. Solution: Buy a convertible! Gender convertible? Yes! :-)

    Noa Shayden

    As a kid, I had no regard for what people thought about my "boyish" behaviors or choice of clothing. I still carry the same mentality, though I've acted more on my gender as I've shared experiences with GQ folks and found more educational resources.

    I feel like there is more of a correlation between gender and experience/education as opposed to gender and age.

    Kristina "Xina" Brouhaha

    I don't think my age has had a particular impact on my gender expression. Hindsight 20/20, I've always been the same person but life circumstances, relationships and shame rather than age interfered with my gender expression. Perhaps now I am a bit wiser, but I don't think that this is because I am ... gasp... 40something! :-)

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