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    To bring Kate to your school or town for a performance, workshop, lecture, or all of the above, please send an email to the following address. PLEASE do not use this email for personal correspondence. It will not be answered. This address is only for booking touring engagements: katebornstein at earthlink dot net. Twitter is still the best way to reach Kate for any personal reason.

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    November 15, 2010


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    woohoo! Now I just need an iphone! :D


    Nothing but "alive" about you Kate. I enjoy seeing your tweets all the time.

    Safe to say that being "different" applies to soooo many conditions/frames of mind. Frankly I prefer being different--always was that rebel child. :-) I am sitting here mentally applauding you for being you.

    Best for Thanksgiving.



    I love the app! I had never heard of your book till I bought the app, now to buy the book. Thank you For creating this.


    Fantastic and innovative! Thank you again!


    Thank you for this app. It really helped when I was having a real dark day- it's a great way of having the book close by. I think number 102 should be added- play with the app and think about all the things you could be doing :) This worked to keep me safe and well, when my mind was screaming out.

    Thank you again Auntie Kate for being there!


    Dr J


    I love your blog!!!
    Just came across it and I wanted to say thanks. What you are doing is amazing and makes such a difference to me, and to so many others. <3


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    I have my iPhone and I like the app on it. Also I will try to have that book that will surely be interesting to me and all others. I'm just new to your site and I like what you have here.


    I wish this was available on the Android app market cuz I would TOTALLY buy it...

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    There are lots of apps which exist nowadays but I prefer to choose only those which are the best. I don't grab the entire app because time will come that my interest on those apps will disappear.

    Patty(iambipolar2) Hauer

    Thank you so much for doing this for Mental Illness fopr teens...What a wonderful tool to have for a teen who is thinking about tossing in the towel. Take the time to download this app if you are a teen with diagnosed mental illness. I think it would also work for adults as a great momentary distraction. Thank you again


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