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    October 01, 2010


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    Hi Kate,
    It really does get better, you just have to go do whatever it takes to make it so. I'm a post-op TS and I recently went through my own journey to improve my life, as I felt like I had paused somewhere in my transition and had not made any progress in quite some time. I had never gone and created a sex-life for myself after my operation, for over eight years. I became inspired by some sex blogs written by some women who were fully self-actualized and knew how to go get what they want. I have since created my own blog to share my experiences. I hope that it may inspire some other transgendered people to go and do whatever it takes to find their own fulfillment. My blog address is I hope someone out there finds it inspirational, or at least interesting.


    hi, i randomly read your book while i wanted to kill myself a few years ago. i am gender queer and so is my husband/wife, who just told me that he wants to be a woman sometimes. i came across your 'it gets better' video researching cross-dressing. i can't believe you are the same person who wrote that book. i really might have done it but that book helped a lot.


    Your words are very powerful & enlightening, i hope one day my story will have an impact on others.....please continue your great work

    lgbt advocate

    Kate your awesome and thank you for that. I might submit my own video too providing hope and words of encouragement to the lgbt community.

    Georgia Lichter-Tournai

    Kate -
    I hope you remember me - I drove you to UNC for you to speak at the college in Greeley, Colorado about three years ago. It was such an honor to meet you and I just wanted you to know that I miss you and think about you and our meeting often - I hope we will be able to meet again.

    Much love,
    Georgia Lichter-Tournai
    I'm on facebook, too :)


    Dear Kate

    I am a 19 year old freaky geeky arty girl loving girl from South Africa. I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to commit suicide. I have recovered from depression (mostly) for 2 years now and am in a long term lesbian relationship...which can be pretty rough at times. If only I had found your video when I was 17 and truly in the depths of despair and thinking of ending it. I love you. I still watch this video every time I feel worthless, alone, filled with guilt and regret or whenever I truly feel I can't go on. thank you so much for being you and for sharing yourself with us. Even though I have never met you, I feel as if you have held my hand in times of need.

    Love Love


    I wants myself a copy of Hello Cruel World. Sigh <3

    mwah auntie Kate

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