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    September 27, 2010


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    K. A. Kramer

    Hey - sorry to be snippy, but it's "Everett Maroon." Otherwise - love your work!

    Kate Bornstein

    Eeep, sorry to have mis-spelled Everett Maroon's name. Thanks for the heads up. Corrected now. xoxo


    Just got my copy! So far looks great, I will let you know what I think but I'm sure I'm going to thoroughly enjoy it.


    I'm tearing through mine like it's dark chocolate ;-0

    But seriously, I'm really enjoying it and should be on schedule for reviewing it on Butchtastic around 10/18.

    It's amazing to be able to pick up a book and find so many like minds and experiences... yay for community and thank you and Bear for pulling this together.


    Hi Kate,
    Could you remove my last name from this post? I try not to make myself too searchable to my comics audience, in case I get an influx of haters. Thank you kindly!
    - RJ

    Kate Bornstein

    RJ -- done. SO sorry, it's how your name came to me from Seal. Gone now. LOVE your review. Thank you. xoxo K


    The book is sooooo great! Please come back to San Francisco- missed the reading, and we miss you! thanks Kate & all the contributors xoxo

    Natalie Sharp

    Hey Kate. I was at the bookstore tonight and I picked up your Gender Outlaws TNG book. I never really buy queer/trans reading as I am more partial toward eastern studies, but I recalled having friends who like you so I picked it up. I am very happy to finally be reading a book that doesn't make me feel like in order to be trans I have to have butterflies coming out of my ass.

    Kate Bornstein

    So glad to hear peeps are having fun with this book. Natalie Sharp... best review of the book I've read. Thanks, and happy new year to all. K

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