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    August 25, 2010


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    freddie mercury is in retrograde!

    Ellie Beth

    Awesome!!!! THANK YOU!!!


    I love your keynote. And you SweetKittenToes :*

    Belinda Carroll

    I was great to meet you this weekend. Certainly, a highlight was your keynote. Not a dry eye in the house :)


    Kate! I had such a great time with you this past weekend. This keynote was fantastic and it was just amazing to have you around the conference. Also, I am still on am mission to convince you to move to Portland! xxoo

    Daddy Jane

    Your words were amazing, as usual, Kate! Miss seeing your pretty face around SF. When will you move back home?


    Jane as in Daddy...


    Thank you so much for your keynote. I am still revelling in your words and the "Get out of Hell Free" card that you gave us. You gave me more than a keynote, but some thoughts to remember when life feels overwhelming and too hard.

    Erin Leigh

    I can personally attest to the "not a dry eye in the house."

    Much ♥♥♥ to you.

    Tehea Robie

    Thank you Kate! You were my first 15min of femme. Didn't know who you were when we ended up in small group together, talking about kids, growing and all grown up.

    Your keynote was beautiful, you made me cry. I have my get out of hell free card, and I'm using it!

    Kate Bornstein

    Thanks, all, for your comments. How thrilling that we've touched each others' minds, hearts, and bodies. It's like namaste, but it's femmeste. kiss kiss, K

    Lady Monster

    Kate, Thank you so much for being at FemmeCon. Your keynote was so beautiful, empowering and broke down many walls to solidify our community. I took a lot of notes so I could share your speech with others and remember many of your words. Thank you for posting every word. xox


    I wasn't there, Kate. But I read the speech. Thank you for inspiring me even on page. I'll make a deal with you and I'm gonna help you do folks' time in hell.

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