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    August 11, 2010


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    actually, you don't really need to have a twitter acct to follow.

    you can go to, search for #stayalive and see what's listed or add an rss feed for the search to your fave reader with this address:




    It looks like Amazon has a Kindle edition. Kindle books are also readable on a wide variety of other devices, such as iPhones, PCs, Macs, and Android phones - no Kindle required.

    Of course, I'm biased towards recommending this, as I worked on large parts of the Topaz conversion process which is probably what made this possible to begin with. :)

    Kate Bornstein

    Fluffy... Thanks, and yep, I know about the Kindle edition. I hate it. Maybe it's better on other readers, but it's poorly laid out compared to the hard copy book. The plus is that all the words are there, and most of the pictures. xo K


    When I saw @phinli's RT, I went and checked Google Books - there's no preview available. Perhaps even a limited one might be helpful?


    I have a copy and I'm not giving it up! Seriously, this book changed my life. Thanks Kate for showing me that it's okay to be what I am.


    I bought my copy a couple years back on a B&N gift card-became one of the most useful gifts ever, must say.

    I looked up different zip codes w/ the "find in-store" button at B&N & was able to find some stores in stock now near various locales across US--seemed to cover every region-seems like buying in store at B&N has a decent stock if the added $ & buying in-store is workable.

    The site I found not listed above was - came up in a search as having 3 to 6 used copies for a cheaper price range than B&N.

    I've had good luck with St. Marks being able to get books on special order for those in NYC area-and there's a few of the B&N's in NYC that have it in stock.

    I've been following the stayalive tag on Twitter which has amazed me @ all the good that can come from Twitter. Thank you for the books & the Twitter tag/tweets/blogs--I hope the info above can help someone a bit.

    (The 'net research late on a not-so-good evening helped me #stayalive - if I can find any other places to find the book in stock I'll post them in a lower-character-count post! :)

    Kate Bornstein

    Viviane, thanks for the heads up on Google Books. I've alerted Seven Stories Press. They're on it, but Google Books has a queue.

    Kate Bornstein

    Glad to be of service, Jason. And thank you, MoreThanAnEcho, for the buying tips! kiss kiss, Auntie K


    I got mine (and gift copies) at Bluestockings (NYC).

    Mariah Malcolm

    I loved the book hello cruel world it really helped me come out about being Pan Sexual to my family I'm only 14 and so far you're book has helped me get through jr high and other obsticles i have had to over come thank you

    Jay Jay

    hello cruel world was an eyeopener for my family thank you very much as they no longer count me as an out cast i know feel like part of the family again.


    Thanks for the great presentation at American University today-awesome!!
    2 things from me:

    1) I tried to define "drag" for myself
    " Drag is a train that takes you to all the identities places you always wanted to visit." What do you think? Sense or nonsense?

    2) Have you thought about adding "technology" as the 13th vector of oppression?
    Was just thinking about it as social networks and communication tools do influence identity, desire and power. Don't you think? I had a guy in mind who committed suicide because his gay experience got spread out due to youtube.

    Take care and thanks again,

    Kate Bornstein

    Dear Gina, thanks for your good thoughts.

    1) Love your drag as train analogy. That would make you the engineer, right?

    2) I don't *think* technology is a vector of oppression, more of a medium for all the vectors of oppression.

    kiss kiss



    Auntie Kate, I love you, too. I remember that I wrote my first email to you, many years ago, in an internet cafe. Don't think it ever got to you, though-I wasn't aware that one needed an email account! In any case, you are the bodhisattva of gender, sent to us at just the right time. Thank you so much and forever. Kisses back at ya,


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