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    August 26, 2009


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    Jane Rainsford

    I could hardly finish reading your post for the tears streaming down my face. It's hard to overstate what all the Kennedy's meant to the Irish Catholics of Boston. Teddy was the brother who, in the end, carried the flag for his dead brothers accomplishing what they could not in their short lives.
    I feel everything is lost for the underlings of this world. Now who can they turn to? My optimistic soul has no ability to lift me up. such a sad day.
    Jane Rainsford


    I'm in Boston and was very sad to hear of Teddy Kennedy's passing, but my comment actually isn't about that - it's about your syndication feed, which is borked!

    When I access your RSS or Atom feeds from a feed reader (it's imported to Livejournal under the username katebornstein, and I've tried it in Google Reader), it imports posts from rather than here. I have no idea why, but I never remember to check your blog manually, so I keep missing your posts!


    I work in public policy and thought I was pretty blase when a pol passes.

    I found myself sobbing for 2 hours non-stop with Kennedy's death. He was such a principled liberal, who fought for those of us on the "outside" of political power.

    With his passing, our loss is immeasureable.

    Kate Middleton

    'I've endeavored to be a gracious, delightful lady whenever I possibly can.'

    Well done, Kate, for practicing what you preach by sending a me a lovely message this morning.

    'Kate Middleton on Human Rights' is now on utube

    Kate Bornstein

    Thank you all for your sweet comments. And thanks to Michael, the RSS feed now works.

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