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    To bring Kate to your school or town for a performance, workshop, lecture, or all of the above, please send an email to the following address. PLEASE do not use this email for personal correspondence. It will not be answered. This address is only for booking touring engagements: katebornstein at earthlink dot net. Twitter is still the best way to reach Kate for any personal reason.

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    April 21, 2009


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    Possible names:

    You Name It

    All That



    doesnt appear to be a valid account yet.

    Rhayne Guzman

    Possible Names:

    Talent Rainbow

    Rainbow Talent

    Let's Get Bouncy Talent

    Phabulous Acting Inc

    jeri morgan

    How about
    Q Talent
    Kew Talent

    jeri morgan


    Margo Eve

    Spectrum Talent

    Because they cover the full spectrum of talent (LBGTQETC) and it isn't cliche.


    Fun Talent
    Walk the Edge and Dance
    Call Me Names Bookings
    Dancing on The Edge Talent


    Full Spectrum Talent-You'd need a good tagline to zing it up, like "Queer Up Your Event"


    Out of Bounds Talent


    maybe something using the word outspoke ... definition:
    :) It's a cool word.

    btw your Twitter link above led me to a page that says "this page does not exist on Twitter."


    "The Talent Q"
    Show me your Q!
    Eat My Q!
    Take It to the Streets
    "Superior Spectrum Productions"

    Maxine Green

    Hmm, yeah... Following a theme here: "Outspeakers"

    Or how about "Extraordinary Mouths"
    (has some excellent logo possibilities!)


    Turning Tricks!!!

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