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    April 18, 2007


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    That sucks that you're sick. I hope you get better really soon. I'm sending lots of good thoughts and virtual hugs to you. Feel better!

    Peace and Love,


    Hi Kate,
    I'm sorry to hear you are in bad health! I hope you feel better soon. We just read Gender Outlaw for a class and it made me super duper happy. We have to write these silly journal entries after every reading, and I just a wrote a big long list of reasons I adore you and your book. We were only required to read like 4 chapters but, duh, I'm reading the rest anyway.

    Feel better!
    Ellen (aka Romy from Knox College)



    Please get well soon sweetie.

    Peace, Love and/or respect

    Marti Abernathey

    I've been thinkin about you the last couple days, ever since I saw Rosie mention you on the view... "my friend Kate Bornstein." I'm going on July's Rosie cruise :) I'm really excited.

    I'm sorry you're feeling yucky. Get better soon dammit, you're not allowed to be sick! :)



    oh, dear, i hope you feel so much better soooo soon!!!



    Be well. Much love, Kimberly and Jane (we met you in NC and in Gainesville)

    Carol Steinel

    Hi Kate -- So sorry to hear about your health issues.

    You probably don't remember me, but I did tech for you in Portland, OR back in the 90s. I follow your work and continue to marvel at your intelligence and grace.

    Prayers for your healing,



    I'm so sorry you've been sick lately. Lovelovelove to you.





    Sickness is awful, especially mystery sickness. I'm so sorry. I'm sending hopes and prayers for your speedy and extremely thorough recovery. Just feel better, okay?

    Lots of love,

    Patricia Bolivar

    Hi,Dear Kate thank for all the love and peace and knowledge you send out. I've met you a bit ago in a jewelry store in Newport (RI), it was a briefly time but you got me! I hope you've been doing pretty well since I've known from your health, that day you were sparkling. Be well and brilliant, Patricia.

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